We visualise a society with sustainable livelihood, where love brotherhood and equitable life prevails.


To enable self Help Initiatives of the people for sustainable livelihood, reducing conflict, liberating from discrimination and enhancing people’s participations in governance.

The Volunteers for Village Development (VVD) has long history of 32 years in community development service and is the oldest Non Government Organisation in the district. It was founded in the year 1982 by two selfless souls- one Capt. (Retd.) Ashok Y. Tipnis from Maharashtra whose wife is from Lunghar village of Ukhrul District and the other Tennyson Kazingmei of Lunghar Village, both now settled in Ukhrul.

Having worked for 32 long years in a strife torn state of Manipur where axiological imperatives has been an undaunted challenge, the organisation has gone through mixed experiences of joy sorrow, appreciation, humility, threats, intimidations extortions and kidnapping. We wish to leave those experiences to personal memories as unavoidable processes of learning in life. Beyond all those experiences we strongly believe God shall guide us to the truth and that is how the organisation has not only sustained so long but has been growing. We observe July 20 every year as VVD’s “Pass Over Day” to acknowledge God’s providence and protection. The experiences of joy come from acknowledgement of the rural poor for whom we have been of service however humble our contribution has been Raising people’s awareness on issues related to their own situation and influencing change, creating an economic impact of reducing interest rate of private money lenders across the district, enhancing food security of the community, influencing sustainable use of land and natural resources, alerting community to safeguard their traditional rights over land and resources and influencing change against the gender bias mindset of the community has all been a source of joy in the work all these years. Friends and Colleagues who gradually branched out continues to share love, concern and fellowship. We were a big family and will remain to be.


Timeline of VVD’s Journey

1982 May

Inception at Lunghar Village in December 1982.

1982 Nov.

Shifted to Ukhrul. Below Phungyo Baptist Church. Later Mission Compound, Alungtang

1982 Dec. 29th

Regd. Under Societies Regn. Act XXI of 1860 Reg. No. 4343

1982 – 1984

First help from RDT Anantapur including Motor Cycle and salary support for 2 persons for 1 year.

1983 Dec.

First Grant of Rs.50,000/- Christian Aid, UK

1983 – 1985

Projects with help of: a) DC Ukhrul& Min. of Agri. Deptt. of R.D. SAP/ Hunger Campaign/Foundation CANADA. Methodist Committee (Renovation of Pettigrew Building, Jubilee Ground). Oxfam-India

1984 Dec.

Regd. under FCRA of 1976 Ministry of Home Affairs

1985 July

Visit of Mr. Fons van der Velden our Friend from Netherlands and drafting of first proposal to EZE, Germany


Tennyson Exposure visit : S. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

1985 – 1988

Projects with help of Royal Netherlands Embassy, ND. (facilitated by Mr. Fons)

1986 July

Commencement of EZE supported Programme Phase I.

1986 – 90 Mar.

Phase I : Community Development Programme with EZE support extended.


Tennyson : Study Programme Coady Institute Canada

1989 July

Land acquisition for Training Centre


Partnership with RGVN. First experience of working with loan.


Extension of Phase I Project. ICCO joins EZE for Co-funding from 1990



1991 July

VVD Pass Over: MHA Revocation of Notification.


Training Centre inaugurated. Same year Livestock Development Association (LDA) was organized

1992 Jan.- 95 Dec.

Phase II : EZE + ICCO:Co-Funding: Comprehensive Com. Dev.


Naga-Kuki conflict intervention initiated.

1993 X-Mas

Commencement of relief work in aid of victims of conflict: With CRN. Sptd. by EZE, ICCO


Inception of Fraternal Green Cross at Imphal for Peace initiative in the State.

1995 – 2000

UNM-M formed with VVD’s initiative nurtured.

1996 Jan.–97 Sept.

Interim period for Reflection & Reorg. of VVD programme EZE + ICCO


Tennyson South Africa: South-South Co-op. with NGO team:


Tennyson becomes Executive Director continues in Office till 2013

1997 – 1999

3 SHIDO’s (Self Help Initiatives Development Organization) were created and became functional

1997 Jul-2000 Jun.

Phase III: Self Help Initiatives Development Programme


Partnership with Action Aid - India starts for FGC, Imphal

2000 July-2003 Jun.

Phase IV: Self Help Initiatives Development Programme.


VVD Team: 100 Days in Kutch following killer earthquake. With RDT Team

2003 July-2006 Jun.

Phase V: Self Help Initiatives Development Progm.


Kidnap Dr. Wolfgang, visitor from EED, Gernamy by Kuki militants.

2002 – 2006

Peace Promotion Programme : Manipur – Nagaland with Actionaid-India

2006 – 2007

Reorg. of Micro Credit into Micro Finance Orientation, Planning, Training and Commencement with FWWB Funding.

2006 Jul.-2009 Jun

ICCO’s withdrawal, Phase VI: Co-Funding partnership with CORDAID, Netherlands and EED. EZE/EED completes 20 years with VVD. (1986-2006)

2008 June

Ten years (1998-2008) partnership with Actionaid ended.

10th December 2008

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of VVD memorial Stone.

Unveiled by: Ms. Vajayalakshmi Das, CEO, FWWB, India

2009 July

VVD’s Project Phase VII: Launched jointly supported by EED and CORDAID

2011 September

CORDAID withdraw support but continued support for VVD’s Microfinance

2011 Oct

Women’s Development Trust of (WDT) Anantapur came in to support VVD’s project.


VVD had a set back as EED suspended funding for 1 year

2012 May

VVD reviewed its organization capacity, relevance of its intervention and effectivity with the help of external consultants


Funding from EWDE/BfdW resumed for another 3 years.

2014 Dec

Withdrawal of WDT

Feb.2014- Feb 2017

Partnership with Action Aid Association (India) for Conflict Mitigation Project