The Volunteers for Village Development (VVD) was formed in the year 1982 by an Ex-Army Officer Capt. Ashok Y. Tipnis from Maharashtra and his local colleague Tennyson Kazingmei. VVD is registered under Societies Registration Act and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

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Structure of the Organisation:

The organisation is based at Ukhrul head quarter. It has three field centres one in Phungyar block, second in Chingai block and the third in Lungchong Meiphai. We have 26 staff currently divided into Support Staff and Programme Staff. The Programme Staff are further divided into three areas. All program staff are required to sign a job contract for 3 years at a time.

We visualize a society with sustainable livelihood, where love brotherhood and equitable life prevails.


To enable Self Help Initiatives of the people for sustainable livelihood, reducing conflict, liberating from discrimination and enhancing people’s participation in governance.


The organisation is committed to certain values which governs our work and behaviour. We believe in recognizing brotherhood in the face of others, we choose to side with the poor, feel in their position and commit our services for their cause, we believe in humility as the foundation of human virtues and we believe that transparency reduces conflict of interest, overcomes fear and strengthens our foundation.

The Governing Body:

There are eleven Governing Body members who represent different fields of specialization elected for 3 years at a time. The Governing Body decides all matters concerning the organisation.

The Project Management Committee:

All Project related matters are decided by a Management Committee comprised of all senior program staff, Administration, Finance with Program Director.